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St. Gregorious Senior Secondary School

  • Parents are requested not to enter the classroom during class hours. Kindly follow the visiting hours to meet the Teachers/ Principal.

  • As your daughter advances in age, guide her to become a resourceful and useful member of the home and country. Encourage self-help for work and study.

  • Courteous behaviour, a spirit of loyalty and gratitude should be instilled both at home and school.

  • We look forward to your spirit of generous involvement and dedication to the ideals of the school.

  • A student who is seriously ill, should not be sent to school or to appear for the examination.

  • When a student is absent for any examination, the parent should meet the Principal and submit the Leave Letter.

  • Attendance by the parents for any meeting convened by the school is compulsory. We solicit your presence and cooperation.

  • In order to apprise themselves of the student’s academic progress in school, parents should meet the teacher on the Open Day and share their mutual concerns. If you have a legitimate complaint or suggestion, the Principal should be contacted.

  • Entry for private vehicles is limited to the car park only. Parents are requested to strictly observe the traffic regulations in the car park and instruct their drivers as well, so as to enable a smooth flow of traffic and ensure the safety of the students. The management acknowledges the services rendered by the Staff and the PTA representatives in regulating the traffic in the campus. We solicit your cooperation with them.

  • Whenever a call goes to the parent from the school in connection with the student’s work or conduct at school, the parent will kindly make it a point to respond to it in the interest of the Student.

  • The school fees should be paid on the days mentioned. Students who fail to pay the fees on time will not be allowed to appear for the examination or to participate in school activities/events. Promotion will be withheld.

  • Parents are not allowed to recommend admissions.

  • Any application at the School Office for documents such as Bonafide Certificates, Fee Reimbursement Certificate, Transfer Certificate, etc., should be given with one week’s notice, and accompanied by a letter of request from the parent.

  • Parents are not allowed to give gifts to any of the teaching/ supporting staff.

  • Parents are requested to furnish their contact particulars to enable smooth communication from the school.

  • Kindly encourage your ward to participate in the co-curricular activities of the school apart from academics, since it contributes to the integral growth of the student.

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